What I read in february

The bollywood bride by Sonali Dev So many people have been raving about this book so I was thrilled when it was included in BookRiots Best of 2015 box that I bought. I´m… Continue reading

In response to “Rape disguised in romance”

Earlier today Black Nerd Girls posted an article on their site called “Rape Disguised as Romance: A Romance Reader´s Opinion“. I had some thoughts that I needed to write down. You should read… Continue reading

What I read in january

Sustained by Emma Chase Continuing my exploration of romance/erotica I picked up Sustained by Emma Chase. I had first heard about it from the Get Booked podcast and it didn´t disappoint. I will… Continue reading

Adaptations I want made (but only in good hands of course)

Adaptations of books are hot right now (always?). Several YA books have become boxoffice hits and later this year The girl on the train hits the theatres. Here are some books that, in… Continue reading

Books in translation

Most of you have heard about The Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson, and everybodys favorite redhead Pippi Longstocking but what other books by Swedish authors are there out there? Here´s a list of some… Continue reading

Best of 2015

Above is my spreadsheet for 2015. Before I get to the list of my best books of 2015 lets go through some stats. In total I have read 45 books which is perfectly… Continue reading

Sorcerer to the crown by Zen Cho

  Set in an alternate Victorian-era England Sorcerer to the crown follows Zacharias a freed slave who was adopted as a young boy and brought to England where he now holds the position of… Continue reading

An ember in the ashes – Sabaa Tahir

  At first glance An Ember in the Ashes has all the typical tropes of a young adult fantasy, two young people come together for the common good, a few sparks fly, there… Continue reading

The rules of scoundrels by Sarah Maclean

2015 was the year I started reading romance and I started with Sarah Maclean. I had heard her name and books mentioned several times over at BookRiot and I finally took the plunge. And… Continue reading

Asking for it by Louise O´Neill

  This is one of those books that hurts to read but is so important to read. Reading “Asking for it” was like getting punched in the gut and there were several times… Continue reading