Insurgent by Veronica Roth

This review contains spoilers for Divergent. If you haven´t read it what are you doing?! Go. Read. Now.  Insurgent was one of those books I´ve been looking forward to for a long time,… Continue reading

Blood Red Road – Moira Young

Saba has lived all her life in the dried up wasteland of Silverlake where she and her family are constantly ravaged by sandstorms and the punishing sun. Saba´s family is her father, her… Continue reading

Across the Universe – Beth Revis

This book is riddled with secrets and mystery. We start with 17 year old Amy who, together with her parents, is being cryogenically frozen but we aren´t exactly told why. There are hints… Continue reading

Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi

For 264 days Juliette has been imprisoned in a mental hospital. It’s been 264 days since she last talked to one person. And it´s been even longer since she last touched someone. The last time she did it had terrible consequences. Outside the prison, the world is and… Continue reading

Halfway to the Grave – Jeaniene Frost

Catherine Crawfield spends her free time killing vampires. Half vampire herself, she does to avenge the rape of her mother by a vampire. The rape that left her mother pregnant with her. Out… Continue reading

Soulless – Gail Carriger

The setting is Victorian England and vampires and werewolves roam the streets. They even have roles in the government. Miss Alexia Tarabotti is a soulless spinster with an Italian father (who is dead)… Continue reading

Pandemonium – Lauren Oliver

Warning: this review contains spoilers for Delirium. If you haven´t read it go do so now. I finished this a few days ago but haven´t been able to write a review. My emotions… Continue reading

The Taker – Alma Katsu

The story opens in present day Maine in the sleepy town of St. Andrew. Recently divorced and living a dull, unfulfilled life Dr Luke Findley is on yet another tedious shift at the… Continue reading

Forgotten – Cat Patrick

Every night at around 4 in the morning, when London is sound asleep, her memory resets. Everything that has happened the previous day vanishes from her memory. Things she´s said, people she´s met,… Continue reading

Immortal beloved – Cate Tiernan

I loved this book. Loved, loved, loved. It´s a book about immortals, especially about the immortal Nastasya. She is 400-something years old and despite her age has no clue as to what she… Continue reading