What I read in april

Scarlett Epstein hates it here by Anna Breslaw

I loved this book so much! Smart, funny, feminist as fuck and with wonderful characters. Not only Scarlett although she is my favorite and I love her to pieces.

In short, it´s about Scarlett, a BNF (Big Name Fan) in her online community of fanfiction writers. Her only friends IRL are Avery and Ruth (a weed smoking 70-year old former teacher of womens studies). She used to be friends with Gideon (whom she may or may not have a crush on) but he is now with the Populars. When her favorite tv-show gets cancelled she is understandably upset. So she goes to her fanfic message board and decides to start to write a new story “loosely” based on real people in her school – because what could possibly go wrong with that.

But really, it doesn´t matter what this book is about, just go out and fucking read it already!
















A fierce and subtle poison by Samanthy Mabry

This title first grabbed my attention because of its beautiful cover and I went into it knowing nothing about it.
The story follows Lucas who every summer travels to Puerto Rico with his father who owns hotels on the island. Lucas has grown up hearing stories about a cursed girl with green skin and grass for hair who grants wishes. When Lucas´ latest fling goes missing he gets drawn into a mystery on the island which is connected to the cursed girl.

Lucas isn´t a bad character and I liked that the author didn´t fall into the stereotypical white-saviour-to-every-girl-he-meets-trope. But that being said I never connected to him or any of the other characters in a way that made me want to know more. The idea of the story was better than the finished product which I found lacking in plot and story.














Glass sword by Victoria Aveyard

This is the second book in the Red Queen-series. I adored the first book which came 2015 but this second installment was such a disappointment. Maybe it´s because it suffers from the “curse of the middle book” or the fact that the author was rushed into finishing it. Red Queen shows that the author can write a good story, I would gladly have waited for the release of Glass Sword if it had meant it was better.















Think of England by KJ Charles

England, 1904. Archie Curtis is a guest at a big and fancy house in the countryside (I´m imagining Downtown Abbey) but he has ulterior motives to his stay. Also a guest at the house is Daniel Da Silva, decadent, foreign, queer poet whom Curtis immediately distrusts. But a surprise meeting in the night shows that Da Silva isn´t all he appears to be. The two strike up a bargain and the sexual tension mounts!

I loved this book so much! Smart, sexy, excellent writing and great characters.

















Howl´s moving castle by Diana Wynne Jones

I´ve had this book sitting in my bookshelf for ages and I finally picked it up because 1) I really should read it and 2) I can read it for one of the challenges in Book Riots Read Harder 2016 challenge.

The story is about Sophie, the eldest of three daughters and leads a boring life working in a hatshop. When she unwittingly insults a witch she is turned into an old lady and sets off to Howls moving castle. I loved old lady Sophie due to her spunk and general don´t-give-a-fuck attitude. But I had a difficult time with messy plot.














Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson

This is the story of Gena and Finn who meet through their mutual obsession of and involvment in the fandom of a tv-show. Gena writes fanfiction and Finn draws fanart. What I liked is that it perfectly incapsulates the deep friendship between the women and how the fandom experience can be. I found it interesting that the book was completely told in e-mails, forum messages and texts.

The book surprised be in how dark it went. And I´m confused over the direction the relationship between the two; where they friends who loved each other, potential lovers, something in between? It´s never really clear and although I understand the ending it left me frustrated.














När hundarna kommer by Jessica Schiefauer

So. This is the first book in Swedish I´ve read this year. It won one of the major literary awards last year and has been getting nothing but great reviews. And I didn´t like it. It wasn´t terrible but it was boring and I didn´t connect to any of it















You know me well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan

Mark and Kate have sat next to each other in class for an entire year but never spoken. The night they first speak is at a Pride party, Mark is there was his best friend whom he´s secretly in love with and Kate is there because she just ran away because she´s nervous about meeting the girl she´s been in love with from afar.

And they talk and what´s more, they become important to each other. They understand each other in a way they both feel that their friends don´t.