I present my house goddesses

This was meant to be a list of authors I want new books from. Authors whose books I buy without question or camp outside the bookstore for midnight release (if I did that sort of thing, I don´t, I prefer sleeping in my bed). But it didn´t turn out that way. I realized while writing that this was a list of authors that I would build shrines to in my home (not in a creepy way), sort of like house goddesses. So here they are, my auto-buys, my house godesses.

Melina Marchetta

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Someone once hypothesized that there´s something magical in the Australian waters. If Melina Marchetta is anything to go by I am buying that theory.  I fell in love with Melina when reading Jellicoe Road. It was one of those reading experiences where I was an incoherent mess when I was done with the book.  After that I devoured the rest of the authors books and while none of them left me in quite the state that “Jellicoe” did they were all absolutely wonderful. On the surface simple, mundane stories put that pack such a punch they stay with you long after you stopped reading.

Rainbow Rowell

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There are a lot of things I love about Rainbow Rowell. One of them is the fact that she has this gift of both giving me what I expect, a Rainbow Rowell book, and surprising me every time. Some authors get stuck in writing the same kind of characters in every book but Rowell gives us a diverse cast of characters completely seperate from her other books in each new read.
Also here book Attatchments is like comfort food for me.

Margaret Atwood

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I will confess to not having read all of Atwoods considerable number of works but everything I´ve read I´ve loved. My first was The Handmaids tale and it changed me. It was feminist in a way I hadn´t encountered before and it opened my young adult mind wide open. After that I´ve continued to read Atwood, mixing backlist with new releases and every october when the Swedish Academy announces the winner of the Nobel prize in literature I hope to hear the name Margaret Atwood.

Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie

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I first read Adichies book Half a yellow sun and it brought me into a world I hadn´t previously visited. I had known nothing about Nigeria, much less the Biafran war in the 1960s. But it was with Americanah that Chimamanda won my heart and following Adichie in the media, watching interviews made me appreciate her even more.


Louise O´Neill

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Louise O´Neill is relatively new, both to me and as an author. Her first book, Only ever yours, was released in 2014 and a year later came Asking for it. They are not easy reads but they are important reads. O´Neill deals with issues such as body image, misogyny, rape culture and more. Reading her books and following her on social media she quickly became a favorite because of her no nonsense way of lifting issues women deal with.