Monthly Archive: March, 2016

What I read in march

COMPLICIT BY STEPHANIE KUEHN Two years ago Jamies sister was sent to juvenile detention for burning up a neighbours horse barn, nobody knew why she did it but then again nobody knew why… Continue reading

Good books, bad covers

I love the book East of Eden by John Steinbeck. The first time I read it I was in the middle of nowhere in the French country side. It was just me, the… Continue reading

Authors with cats. Because why not.

  I like authors (they supply me with books) and I like cats (they supply the cute). So here are pictures of authors & cats. Doris Lessing   Allen Ginsburg   Ray Bradbury… Continue reading

I present my house goddesses

This was meant to be a list of authors I want new books from. Authors whose books I buy without question or camp outside the bookstore for midnight release (if I did that… Continue reading