What I read in february

The bollywood bride by Sonali Dev

So many people have been raving about this book so I was thrilled when it was included in BookRiots Best of 2015 box that I bought. I´m happy to say it did not disappoint. Great writing, wonderfully complex characters and a story that stays with you. Highly recommended!




The rose and the dagger by Renee Ahdieh

This is the continuation of the book The Wrath and the Dawn (which I read and loved in january). This second and last book in the duology was just as good as the first. A perfect follow up!




It wasn´t always like this by Joy Preble

In 1916 Emma, her family and their neighbours are given an experimental polio vaccine. Instead of simply saving them from polio it makes them all immortal, frozen in time just as they are. Interesting premise but unfortunately it didn´t follow through at all.



Reader, I married him : stories inspired by Jane Eyre

This is a collection of stories all inspired by Jane Eyre. As with all anthologies it is difficult to judge the book as a whole since the stories are so different in quality. Several I loved, for example those by Helen Dunmore, Patricia Park, Francine Prose, Tracy Chevalier and Nadifa Mohamed.


Re Jane by Patricia Park

A charming retelling of Jane Eyre. Here, Jane is Korean-American living in Flushing, Queens. She takes a job as au pair for the Mazer-Farleys and their adopted daughter from China. As much as this is a retelling of Jane Eyre it is also very much about immigrant culture, coming-of-age and the feeling of not belonging. Highly recommended!