In response to “Rape disguised in romance”

Earlier today Black Nerd Girls posted an article on their site called “Rape Disguised as Romance: A Romance Reader´s Opinion“. I had some thoughts that I needed to write down. You should read the entire article and then come back here.

There´s a lot I agree with in the article. Yes we live in a rape culture. Girls are not taught what constitutes rape (or boys either for that matter). Victim blaming is rampant in our society. When a girl or woman is raped every aspect of her life and behavior is studied with a fine tooth comb to find details that point the blame to her instead of the rapist. Yes there are a lot of books that reinforce this view.

All that being said it is dismissive of the genre to claim that it reinforces rape culture because of a few bad apples. There are so many authors out there writing good romance but this article makes it seem like all romance is bad. I have no interest in Game of Thrones because of the constant misogyny. That doesn´t mean I abandoned all fantasy, I just abandoned George R.R Martin in favor of authors more to my liking.

As I kept reading I was waiting for her to get the good examples, examples of romance that treat their female characters with respect but it never came. So here are a few romance authors that you should check out. Click on the name to get to the authors Goodreads site to learn more about the titles (the title in parentheses is the book/s I´ve read).

Courtney Milan – (The Countess Conspiracy)

Sonali Dev (The Bollywood bride)

Beverly Jenkins (Forbidden)

Emma Chase (Sustained)

Sierra Simone  (Priest)

Sarah Maclean (A rogue by any other name & One good earl deserves a lover)

Alisha Rai  (Falling for him)

Alice Clayton (Wallbanger)