What I read in january

Sustained by Emma Chase

Continuing my exploration of romance/erotica I picked up Sustained by Emma Chase. I had first heard about it from the Get Booked podcast and it didn´t disappoint. I will definitely be reading more in The Legal Briefs series.


Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace

I was given an DRC of this book through Edelweiss. I was initially intrigued, and the beginning was strong. The main character, Breezy wakes up in a shallow grave a year after being murdered with no memory of what has happened. And the first thing she does is murder a man leaning over her now undead body. Breezy has somehow gotten the ability to sense who is a murderer and being able to murder them. The book quickly becomes too fragmented and aimless however and it wasn´t able to hold my interest as much as I had hoped in the beginning


My grandfather would have shot me by Jennifer Teege

Another book recommended by BookRiot. This is the true story of Jennifer Teege, a German/Nigerian woman who discovers that her grandfather was one of the worst Nazi commandants. The story in an interesting one but suffered from some bad writing (could it be poor translation?) and it needed editing.


Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins

I had heard mention of Beverly Jenkins and knew she was an author I needed to try out. When her latest book Forbidden was available on Edelweiss I jumped at the chance to read it. Set in 1870 it tells the story of Eddy Carmichael, a free black woman who is traveling to California where she wants to open a restaurant. On her way she is rescued from near death by Rhine Fontaine who is a former slave. Being the son of a slave and her master Rhines skin is so light he can pass as white which is what he has been doing.  The two connect but as in all romances there are complications. The only complaint I have about this book is that it is a little too vanilla for my taste. I prefer my romance to be more steam and not so much fade to black when the good times start 😉


The turn of the screw by Henry James

Finally reading this classic! Slow to start but so fascinating. I read it for a book club and the discussions were super interesting. A classic in the What-the-hell-really- happened genre.


Daughters unto devils by Amy Lukavics

This was pitched as Stephen King meets Little house on the prairie and rightfully so. Incredibly creepy, with ghost babies, isolation and demons this is one for both teens and adults who like their books on the nightmarish side.


The girl from everywhere by Heidi Heilig

The first thing that caught me with this book was the cover, it´s already one of my favorites of the year. Add to that the premise of a girl traveling through time with her father on a pirate ship and I´m all in! Added bonus was that I learned things about Hawaiis history of which I was woefully ignorant.


The love that split the world by Emily Henry

Another gorgeous cover. However I wanted to like this more than I did. I was excited about the premise of alternate worlds (which I love reading about) but it didn´t live up to my expectations. The story didn´t make much sense and the relationship & instalove between the two characters bothered me.


George by Alex Gino

One of the more important books to come out last year. This is a middle grade book about George. When everybody looks at George they see a boy but she knows that she´s a girl. It all comes to a head when the school puts of the play Charlottes web. George really wants to play Charlotte but her teacher says she can´t. This book should be required reading, it explains Georges feelings in a way children can understand and it will make adults think about how we talk to the children around us. Great read!


Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

An incredibly short novella about Binti. The first of the Himba people to be accepted into the prestigious Oomza university and thus becoming the first of her people to travel into space. Clocking at under 100 pages this story still packs a wallop. Nnedi Okorafor is a force to be reckoned with.