Adaptations I want made (but only in good hands of course)

Adaptations of books are hot right now (always?). Several YA books have become boxoffice hits and later this year The girl on the train hits the theatres. Here are some books that, in the right hands I´d like to see come to the big screen.

Code name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

If I have to see another World War II film with tortured and/or heroic American men I might go into a rage. Code Name Verity on the other hand is a story fit for the big screen featuring two fabulous English young ladies, their friendship, sacrifices and heroism.

Finnikin of the rock by Melina Marchetta

Friendship, love, politics and epic journeys. Move over Lord of the rings here is your competition!

Broken monsters by Lauren Beukes

Word came out about a year ago that Broken monsters had been acquired for a tv-series and I really hope it happens. Done will it´s sure to be a fantastic series what with its dark run down Detroit setting, super creepy plot and diverse set of characters.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

I worship the ground Station Eleven walks on (we´re pretending books can walk) so a well done adaptation of the film would be something I´d watch any day.

The buddha in the attic or When the emperor was divine by Julie Otsuka

Julie Otsuka has the remarkable ability to write short books jampacked with beautiful sentences. Both of these books would be fascinating to see on screen.