Books in translation

Most of you have heard about The Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson, and everybodys favorite redhead Pippi Longstocking but what other books by Swedish authors are there out there? Here´s a list of some that you might have missed.


The beauty and the sorrow by Peter Englund (Profile Books)
20 people from around the world, 20 different perspectives on the devastating first world war. Two of these twenty will perish. Two will become prisoners of war. Another two will become celebrated heroes and two others end up as physical wrecks. One of them goes mad, another will never hear shots fired.




All in by Simona Ahrnstedt (coming in june) (Kensington books)
A contemporary romance in the world of the financial elite. David Hammar is a ruthless corporate raider about to hijack the ultimate prize. All he needs is just one member of the owners aristocratic family on his side–Natalia De la Grip. Natalia is determined to gain respect and make people see that she is worthy of a place in business. It goes without saying that can be no room for romance in the board room…




The circle by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren (Overlook press)
Six girls living in a small dreary town have nothing in common and are definitely not friends. One night when the moon is red all of them are compelled to gather in the woods. They learn that they are witches, the chosen ones, and they must find a way to defeat the evil forces – while trying not to kill each other. Dealing with issues like bullying, revenge, annoying parents and love in the midst of all the magic this is the beginning of a trilogy of books that, even many years after its release, is just as popular as when it came out.




I call my brothers – Jonas Hassen Khemiri (Oberon books)
A bomb has exploded in the city. Amor does his best to blend in. Tries to act normal and tries not to see the suspicious glances, telling himself he´s just being paranoid. He calls his brothers, tells them to keep their heads down and be careful, just until the scare is over. The book, written as a play, deals with the corrosive force of islamophobia.



Jagannath – Karin Tidbeck (Cheeky Frawg books)
Enter the strange dark world of Karin Tidbeck. Whether through the falsified historical record of the uniquely weird Swedish creature known as the “Pyret” or the title story, “Jagannath,” about a biological ark in the far future. This collection contains 13 genre defying stories.




The expedition – Bea Uusma (Head of Zeus)
In july 1897 three men, led by engineer August Andrée, set out in a hydrogen balloon bound for the North Pole never to be seen again. Two days into their journey, they were forced to make a crash landing in a freezing, isolated tundra.

33 years later, the mens bodies were found perfectly preserved under the snow and ice. They had enough food, water, clothing and ammunition to survive, so why did they all die? By retracing their steps, studying their letters and journals, and forensically examining the bodies, scientist Bea Uusma has finally uncovered the extraordinary truth behind their deaths.