Sorcerer to the crown by Zen Cho

sorcerer_front mech.indd


Set in an alternate Victorian-era England Sorcerer to the crown follows Zacharias a freed slave who was adopted as a young boy and brought to England where he now holds the position of sorcerer royal after his successor and adopted father. Zacharias is viewed as an outsider and is tolerated but not respected by most of his peers.

In the midst of tackling attacks on him by other magicians Zacharias needs to deal with the lack of magic in the country. For some reason Fairyland has cut off the supply of magic to England and it´s Zacharias job to fix it. On the way to fairyland he stops at a school for magical girls. Now, in this world women are forbidden to use magic. It is thought that women can´t handle magic and in this school they are taught how to suppress their magical abilities. Which is stupid because with magic being in short supply it would be prudent to use all the magic they can get!

At the school he meets Prunella and the two of them team up in order to get magic to England again but also to reform magical education so that women and girls can be part of it.

I really loved this book, obviously the message of feminism and the issues of race that the author brings up are a big part of that but also the book is just fun! The characters of Zackarias and Prunella are really lovely. It´s lighthearted and fastpaced and I want more 🙂