The rules of scoundrels by Sarah Maclean

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2015 was the year I started reading romance and I started with Sarah Maclean. I had heard her name and books mentioned several times over at BookRiot and I finally took the plunge. And I really liked it! Not that I thought that I wouldn´t but I had felt a little lost in the sea that is romance publishing and I hadn´t known where to begin.

The Rule of Scoundrels is a series of four books but it isn´t necessary to read them in order (though I recommend it). Both of them are fun, quick reads with just the right amount of depth that I wanted at the time. The leading women are all great characters hindered by, but not slaves under, the conventions of the day (sometime in the mid 1800s?). There are a few sex scenes but the main focus is on the various hindrances in their way. So if you´re looking for a nice historical romance to while away a few hours I´d say Sarah Maclean is your girl.