Carry on – Rainbow Rowell



A few years ago I read and loved Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. In it the main character, Cath, is writing fan fiction about Simon Snow and within the pages of Fangirl Rowell added sections of this fan fiction. Now, I am a self proclaimed Rainbow Rowell fangirl but I must admit to skipping the fan fiction parts of Fangirl.

And now we have an entire book about Simon Snow! But it isn´t fan fiction in the way it was in Fangirl, this isn´t Cath writing about Simon Snow. It´s simply Rainbow Rowell not being able to let go of the Simon Snow character and writing an entire book about him and the world he lives in. Rainbow Rowell is clearly influenced by the Harry Potter books and can be seen as an ode to those books and the enormous fandom that has sprung out from its success. Comparisons to the Potter-books is inevitable but Carry On holds its own and Rowell once again shows that she is formidable, taking many of aspects people loved about Rowlings work and putting her own unique Rainbow spin on it.