Asking for it by Louise O´Neill

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This is one of those books that hurts to read but is so important to read. Reading “Asking for it” was like getting punched in the gut and there were several times when tears were in my eyes. It´s a story we all recognize too well, a girl goes to a party with friends. The morning after she wakes up somewhere, sometimes at home other times in a strangers bed, on the side of the road or on her front lawn. Her body aches and she can´t remember what happened. But everybody else can, and with the “joys” of modern technology the events of the evening have been captured on picture and uploaded onto the internet.

The story of what happens to Emma is not unique or new and I´m glad authors are getting attention for writing these stories. Another such story that came out this year was All the rage by Courtney Summers which was also very good.

We need to be talking about these stories because for most girls the nightmare continues afterwards and, as is the case with the character Emma in O´Neills book, the girls themselves have been so brainwashed by an entire societies slutshaming they think it was there fault and dare not do anything about it. That even though she was passed out, even though she dared not say anything, she was asking for it.