Wolf by wolf by Ryan Graudin




I find alternate realities fascinating, the idea of “what if”. What if history had taken a different turn, what the world be like? Ryan Graudins fourth book takes place in an alternate reality where Hitler and his Nazi army won the second world war. Germany and Japan now form the Axis powers and rule much of the world with iron fists.

The story begins in 1956 where preparations are being made for the Axis Tour, an annual motorcycle race from Europe to Japan.

Yael is a young jewish girl who was captured by the Nazis during the 2 world war and sent to a concentration camp. So far it´s a story we´re all too familiar with. At the camp Yael is subjected to medical experiments which change her appearance; her eyes turn blue and her hair blonde. But because of the experiments she develops the ability to “skin shift”, to change her appearance. Through this ability she is able to escape the camp and eventually joins the resistance.

Yael has one purpose: she has to impersonate last years winner, win the race and kill Hitler.

I really liked this book. Yael was a fascinating character both flawed and strong and driven and I rooting for her so hard. Her anger and pain at what had been taken from her was well done. The usual “who am I” question posed in many young adult books got an interesting twist in this book; Yael was so young when she was taken prisoner by the Nazis, when the experiments were done to her that doesn´t remember what she looked like before. Her loss of identity and her ability to change appearance gave for an interesting character.

The ending does involve a cliffhanger which I usually don´t like that much but for some reason it didn´t really bother me this time around. That being said I look forward to reading more about Yael and getting some answers.

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