Shadowshaper – Daniel José Older



Sierra was looking forward to a nice normal summer holiday painting and hanging out with friends. But the a wierd zombie-ish creature crashes the first party of the summer and then the graffiti murals in her neighborhood start to weep so, not so normal after all. It turns out that Sierra is a shadowshaper in a long line of “shapers”. A shadowshaper has magical powers that allows them to connect to spirits via paintings, music and stories.

There are so many things I like about this book, first off the premise is fascinating, the idea that

Sierra is fantastic, as are her friends. This is a New York that you recognize as the melting pot of different cultures and people that it is. It was refreshing that the magic system isn´t based on European tradition. The small ways in which the author displays gentrification and street harassment. And I loved the way her afro was described as ” her fro stretched magnificently around her in a fabulous, unbothered halo”.

In short, you should read this book immediately 🙂

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Sierra Santiago was looking forward to a fun summer of making art, hanging out with her friends, and skating around Brooklyn. But then a weird zombie guy crashes the first party of the season. Sierra’s near-comatose abuelo begins to say “No importa” over and over. And when the graffiti murals in Bed-Stuy start to weep…. Well, something stranger than the usual New York mayhem is going on.

Sierra soon discovers a supernatural order called the Shadowshapers, who connect with spirits via paintings, music, and stories. Her grandfather once shared the order’s secrets with an anthropologist, Dr. Jonathan Wick, who turned the Caribbean magic to his own foul ends. Now Wick wants to become the ultimate Shadowshaper by killing all the others, one by one. With the help of her friends and the hot graffiti artist Robbie, Sierra must dodge Wick’s supernatural creations, harness her own Shadowshaping abilities, and save her family’s past, present, and future.