Athena – Marta Söderberg


A few years ago the author Marta Söderberg wrote the book Ramona which I very much enjoyed so I was looking foward to this new one called Athena. While Ramona was set in a very contemporary world Athena is not. It´s set in a future society where the world has gone through an economic collapse called The Wave. Society is divided into zones where the rich live in zone 1. Crime, violence is commonplace and the authority which doesn´t hesitate at killing or hurting the poor. This is the world where Maya and Benjamin live in. Until they are kidnapped and taken to a secret organisation called Athena. Here they are trained and tested, both physically and mentally.

The narrative perspective shifts between Maya and Benjamin and I found Maya much more interesting. This book may not have been have been as good as Ramona but it was still definitely worth reading and I look forward to the authors next book. I want to know more about Maya and Athena. And I wouldn´t say no to more Elias 😉

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