Monthly Archive: September, 2015

Shadowshaper – Daniel José Older

  Sierra was looking forward to a nice normal summer holiday painting and hanging out with friends. But the a wierd zombie-ish creature crashes the first party of the summer and then the… Continue reading

I crawl through it – A.S King

Well this was an unusual book. Weird and surreal and utterly unique. I will be honest, for a long time I despaired. I read and read and wondered what the hell was going… Continue reading

Athena – Marta Söderberg

A few years ago the author Marta Söderberg wrote the book Ramona which I very much enjoyed so I was looking foward to this new one called Athena. While Ramona was set in… Continue reading

Dumplin´- Julie Murphy

Willowdean Dickson is a fat girl and she´s been comfortable in her own skin most of the time. Until she gets together with the boy she´s been crushing on they start making out.… Continue reading