Glory O´Briens history of the future – A.S King



I´ve always loved A.S King, in my opinion she´s one of the greats. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of “Glory” at BEA in 2014 (and get it signed!). I proceeded to read it in one sitting and loved it,  wonderfully written, strange in the best possible way, and in some way frighteningly accurate when it comes to womens rights. If I had one comment it would be that the future history that Glory sees somtimes felt far fetched and sketchy but that is a minor complaint of what is all in all a great read.


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Graduating from high school is a time of limitless possibilities–but not for Glory, who has no plan for what’s next. Her mother committed suicide when Glory was only four years old, and she’s never stopped wondering if she will eventually go the same way. Until a transformative night (there might be drinking of a dried up bat involved) when she begins to experience an astonishing new power to see a person’s infinite past and future. From ancient ancestors to many generations forward, Glory is bombarded with visions–and what she sees ahead of her is terrifying: A tyrannical new leader raises an army. Women’s rights disappear. A violent second civil war breaks out. And young girls vanish daily, sold off or interned in camps. Glory makes it her mission to record everything she sees, hoping her notes will somehow make a difference. She may not see a future for herself, but she’ll do anything to make sure this one doesn’t come to pass.