The Impossible Knife of Memory – Laurie Halse Anderson



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For the past five years Hayley and her father Andy have been living on the road. Never staying in the same place for too long, always leaving after a few months when the demons that haunt him since his return from service as a soldier in Iraq become too loud. Now they are back in the town where he grew up so that Hayley can go to a regular school. Hayleys job is to see to it that her father survives. She wants so badly to help her father. She doesn´t care much about school, all her energy goes to worrying about her dad and making sure her own messed up childhood memories don´t rush to the surface.

Can she and her father really have a normal life with friends and in the midst of everything that goes on with her father can she really have a boyfriend? Will Andy´s PTSD and drinking drive him over the edge and take her along with him?

I read this over the course of a few days during christmas. I couldn´t stop thinking about it, I stayed up late at night reading. It is a phenomenal read.  It was heavy, no doubt about it, but not bury-me-in-the-ground-heavy. And any tears that may or may not have been shed were absolutely worth it. And the tough parts were balanced out by the cute moments between Hayley and Finn, the boy. I am extremely glad that his character was added to the story, without him it would have been too much.

So in short, even though it´s only january this is already on my list for one of the best books of 2014.