Tell the wolves I´m home by Carol Rifka Brunt


June Elbus is 14 years old and the year is 1987. Finn, her best friend, only confidante and uncle has just died of Aids. It is still early days when it comes to knowledge of this terrible disease and when the disease is spoken of it is done so in hushed tones behind closed doors. At Finns funeral she notices a man lingering just outside the crowd. Her older sister tells her that´s the murderer. That´s the man who killed their uncle. A few days later a package arrives, inside is the teapot previously belonging to her uncle and with it a note from Toby, the strange man from the funeral. He wants to meet. This is the beginning of a strange friendship between the two people who knew Finn the best but whom he kept seperated from each other. It makes June question her relationship with her uncle, he was undoubtedly the most important person to her but here she finds out that he had a long time boyfriend and a life that she knew nothing about.

I loved June, she is introverted and introspective. Always on the outside of things. She takes solitary trips into the woods, and there, in the silence she pretends she is in the middle ages. This was a beautiful story masterfully told. It is about so many things; loss, heartbreak and missed opportunities but also coming of age. It hits every part of the emotional spectrum and I highly recommend it to everyone.