Immortal Beloved series by Cate Tiernan

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First a note: I read the last book in this series, Eternally yours,  many months ago. I also wrote this review many months ago but for some reason I never published it. Going through my blog today I noticed this error and here is me fixing it. Better late than never right? 

Nastasya is 400-something years old and despite her age has no clue as to what she wants, who she is or where she´s headed. She´s spent the last few hundred years partying, drinking and not caring about anything or anyone.

During one of her usual nights out she witnesses one of her best friends, Incy, torture a mortal. Sickened by the act, and her own inaction, Nastasya runs away. She goes to River´s edge a retreat slash rehab slash school for immortals looking to change their lives. The place is run by a very (very) old immortal named River.
One of the best things about this book is Nastasya herself. She´s a heroine with “an attitude”, prickly and sarcastic and damaged but also funny and completely loveable. Her inner monologues often had me laughing out loud while her pain and bitterness made me want to give her a hug.
At River´s Edge there are a few other immortals but we only get to know a few of them. Besides River, the “leader” there is Reyn. A mysterious, extremely good looking immortal whom Nastasya from the start has a lust/hate relationship to. Their relationship is so much more complicated than that though and I won´t ruin it for you.

When the last book was released it gobbled it up. I finished it 2, maybe 3 days. It would have taken much less time but I had to do other annoying stuff like work and sleep. At one point taking a shower became necessary as well. But every time I had to stop reading I hated it. Now that I´ve finished the book I kind of wish I had taken more time with it. Savored it instead of gulping it down like I would a cold glass of water on a hot summers day. Because this was the end. There will be no more books about Nastasya, Reyn, River and all the others. Sobs quietly in a corner .

This third and final book in Cate Tiernans trilogy is wholly satisfying. It´s rare to find a series where all the books have been up to snuff. No disappointments, no secretly wondering where the heck the characters you loved went to. All three books have held their own against the previous and all three have been brilliant. If I were to come with one very tiny complaint it would be that there is a scene missing at the end which I would have liked to read but I can´t say any more because of spoilers.

Thinking back to the Nastasya we went in Immortal Beloved the change in her is remarkable but what makes Cate such a good writer is that it´s all believable. The road to being a better and happier person has certainly not been easy for Nas and there have been several bumps in the road. So go, read! Now!