Surviving Raine – Shay Savage

surviving raine

I´m not one to say no to free books so when I had the chance to get an arc of this book I jumped at the chance. I knew the author, Shay Savage, since I´ve read several of her fanfiction stories and liked them a lot. It wasn´t until I started reading that I realised that I´d read the fanfic version of this book! For some reason the similar title didn´t resonate with me.

The story revolves around Bastian and Raine. Bastian (Sebastian) is the captain of a small ship carrying tourists between islands of the Caribbean Islands. He spends his time drinking, with hookers or sleeping off the hangover. And occasionally being the captain while avoiding any contact with his passengers. Raine is one of said passengers. When the ship sinks the two of them end up in a life raft together. Barely surviving at sea they eventually end up on a deserted island. Bastian isn´t exactly a people person and he´s kind of an ass. Stuck on an island with no alcohol or cigarettes he´s even worse. Plus, he´s stuck with this annoying chick who won´t leave him alone. For reasons he can´t understand she wants to get to know him. And she does, she gets to know the man hidden underneath the bastard, it´s not always easy and the bastard makes an appearance every once in a while. There was one instance where I wondered about Raines response, over how willing she was to forgive and understand. It´s a pretty big event that involves his absolute need to protect her from harm.

Bastian was “easy” to understand, the psychology behind his character was clear. I don´t know if there will be sequel to this book but if there is it would be interesting to learn more about her. On the other hand I seem to recall that Shay usually writes from a male perspective so it may never happen.

Reading through reviews on Goodreads I saw a lot of swooning over Bastian going on and a lot of 5 star reviews. You will not be getting either from me. No swooning because Bastian doesn´t make me swoon one bit and no 5 stars because it doesn´t deserve it. I gave it 3 stars.

I know some people have issues with fanfiction-turned-published book just for the principal of it. I´m not one of them. I do have issues with bad formulaic books being published in search of a quick buck.

This however is not how I feel about Surviving Raine. That being said it´s difficult to seperate my feelings for the book with my feelings for the fic. It makes me wonder if a fic-made-book, however good it may be, can ever be just a good book? I don´t have the answer.

I received an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.