The Immortal Rules – Julie Kagawa


Julie Kagawa is the author of The Iron Fey books. This new series which starts with The Immortal Rules is darker and I love it!

Vampires have always existed, it wasn´t until most of Earths human population perished in the Red Lung disease that they made their presence known. Now they rule what´s left of the cities. There are two types of vampires in this story, the dark, blood eating and complex ones who rule the cities and the rabids that are more like zombies. There are also two kinds of humans; the registered who submit to giving the vampires their blood every now and then in exchange for enough food to survive. And then there are the unregistered who live on the fringe, scavenging for scraps of food and trying to stay away from the vampires and their servants.

Our main protagonist is Allison Sekemoto. Allison is an unregistered and there is nothing she hates more than vampires. Until she becomes one. Having to choose between dying and becoming a vampire Allison chooses life as a vampire and that is when the adventure begins. What follows are several adventures where Allison goes through different stages of her new life. From learning what it means to be a vampire from her maker to accepting that her old life is gone and her continual struggle to balance the new “monster” Allison with her old human self whom she doesn´t want to completely let go of.

I don´t want to give away too much of the story. Suffice to say ALOT happens. The emotional journey and growth Allison goes through is very touching and believable. This is a vampire story but with a new fresh take and I definitely recommend it!

Oh, I did have one small grievance. Allison is of Japanese descent, the girl on the cover should have been as well. However I am pleased to note that the cover of the next book The Eternity Cure does! Well done Harlequin Teen.

This review was done a copy through NetGalley