Unravel me – Tahereh Mafi


It´s been a few days since I read this. I needed the time to calm down, take a breath, compose my thoughts. Otherwise the review would just be a lot of shouty caps. Sort of like this.


Suffice to say I really freaking loved this book. It picks up from where Shatter Me left off, Juliette and Adam are at Omega Point, the center for the resistance and safe place for others with powers. The first bit was focused on Juliette trying to fit in, trying not to feel so misplaced. A lot of people are counting on her to bring it, so to speak. To hone her ability, to be part of the team etc etc. But Juliette doesn´t like her ability, in her view it has only always brought her bad things and as far as being part of the team, well, she´s spent all her life being shunned and told she wasn´t welcome. It´s not so strange that she´s hesitant.

And then there´s all this stuff with Adam. Bad   stuff; turns out there´s a reason he can touch Juliette and it´s not a good one. For him that is. I was secretly cheering. I have nothing against Adam per se I just never got the attraction to him. I was never “Team Adam” I never swooned over him, never cared for him, I was always pretty indifferent. Juliette wasn´t of course so I felt bad for her sake.

Then through some dramatic events the resistance acquires a hostage; Warner. Dear messed up, psycho, sweet, lost Warner. Now here´s a main guy that I care for and yes, I swooned (repeatedly). Things naturally get complicated seeing as Juliette loves Adam but can not deny her attraction to Warner. But there is depth there as well; it´s not just that she´s attracted to his looks. The two of them are very much alike; for a long time Juliette saw herself as a monster, not worthy of any goodness, and up until recently everyone else viewed her as a monster as well. Warner sees himself pretty much the same way and everybody definitely thinks he is evil. Everybody except Juliette. The question is can he move on from that distorted view of himself, can he and everyone else, forgive him for what he´s done in his fathers name? I think so yes but only time will tell.

Besides all the stuff going on with them there is an actual war brewing with Omega Point, and Juliette, right in the middle of it. On the other side there is Anderson, Warners father and the Supreme Commander. He is also on psychotic son of a bitch. Hopefully Tahereh will make sure he gets whats coming to him.

So besides all the excitement, the swooning and the all that the writing is beautiful. I love how there are passages that just flows like poetry. And Tahereh totally wins for that last chapter. I could have quoted one of the many swoony or poetic chapters but instead I give you a look at the soon to be bad-ass Juliette:

I´ve finally figured out that I´m strong enough, that maybe I´m a touch brave enough, that maybe this time I can do what I was meant to do.
This time I am a force.
A deviation of human nature.
I am living, breathing proof that nature is officially screwed, afraid of what it´s done, what it´s become.
And I´m stronger, I´m angrier.
I´m ready to do something I´ll definitely regret and this time I don´t care. I´m done being nice. I´m done being nervous. I´m not afraid of anything anymore.
Mass chaos is my future.

And I´m leaving the gloves behind.