The Space Between by Brenne Yovanoff


First of all, look at that cover. Isn´t it gorgeous? Second, I read this book quite a while ago and didn´t take notes so my memory (and this review) may be sketchy and disorganized.

“Before, when Lilith left, she’d been stony and remote. Now, she trembled, outraged that a man could refuse his son. She spit in Adam’s face and cursed the day she ever saw him. It was the day she’d been born. Then she took Obie and left, pelting away through the dark.
In the dark is where she met my father.”

The “me” is Daphne, daughter of Lilith and Lucifer born around the time when her parents started hating each other. She has many sisters known as the Lilim. The Lilim are wicked temptresses who go to Earth to prey on willing victims. Daphne has never been like them. She is closer to her half brother Obi whom she adores. Daphne seems to be stuck in Hell, spending eternity with no purpose. Until the day Obi disappears on Earth and it´s up to Daphne to venture to Earth to save him. The only clue as to his whereabouts is a boy named Truman whom she met in one haunting moment at the gates of Hell. Truman is a damaged, self destructive young man. I loved how the author portrayed is chain smoking, alcoholic, suicidal self. I loved Daphne, how despite being from Hell and who her parents where she seemed so innocent. Her determination to save her brother never wavered despite several setbacks. And I loved the many beautiful scenes between her and Truman. How they worked as a team and how they love each other. Yeah.

I like the fact that nothing is black and white. The evil demons can do good things and likewise the angels don´t always have others best interest at heart. Yovanoffs writing is stunning, she brings all these characters and environments to life in beautiful detail.

Interesting tidbit; this is the American version of the book. I learned this after being somewhat confused on Amazon searching for it and getting results for a book called “Smoulder”. The stories the same but I like this title so much more 🙂

Ps: I love that this book has a creepy demon baby!