Legend – Marie Lu

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The story takes place in The Republic, fomerly the western part of the United States. It´s a nation constantly at war with the colonies outside the borders. 15-year old June is born into one of the wealthiest most powerful families. She is a young prodigy, quickly rising in the ranks of the army. Day lives in the same city but his life could not be more different. Born in the slums he is the cities most wanted anti-government criminal.

The two would never have met had Junes older brother not been killed and Day immediately become the prime suspect. Hell bent on capturing her brothers killer June goes on an undercover mission to capture him. The book alternates between the point of view of June and Day, letting us get into the heads of the two main characters which I liked.

It´s a fairly routine ya-dystopian tale with starcrossed lovers, conspiracies and a bit of mystery thrown in. Not bad really just not all that great either. Part of what brings the story down is that it was too predictable. I could anticipate what would happen and that took down the excitement the author no doubt wanted us to feel.

The book is continued by “Prodigy” which will be released in January 2013.