Insurgent by Veronica Roth

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This review contains spoilers for Divergent. If you haven´t read it what are you doing?! Go. Read. Now. 

Insurgent was one of those books I´ve been looking forward to for a long time, pretty much since since I finished Divergent! I think I´ve spoken about how nervous I am before reading the sequel to a book I´ve loved. I worry, I fret, I try to keep my hopes down, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn´t.

Let me just say that any nervousness I may have felt was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

It´s been quite a while since I read Divergent and in the beginning it was a bit tricky to remember who all the characters were and where they were. To help with this a friend sent me this link: But I read Divergent a year ago It´s a very good guide to remembering stuff written by Veronica herself.

We pick up pretty much where we left off in Divergent in the Amity compound where they´ve fled following the Erudite attack. Plot wise there were a lot of surprises; big ones and small ones. The writing is rich, the prose engaging. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The quick pace was paired with quieter moments, many of them with Tris and Tobias. And let me tell you, those two *sigh*. They love each other but they don´t always agree with each other or like each others decisions which makes it so realistic. It´s not all hearts and flowers and for just a tiny smidgen of a second, I was worried for them.

My love for Tris knows no bounds. Katniss can go hide in a corner somewhere because this is a real character! Being a divergent she is a kickass, determined kind of person and she is a strong girl. But she´s still human. She feels sad and weak and stubborn and every other emotion. The guilt she feels over Will´s death and her sorrow over her parents death is palatable. And she makes mistakes because people do. But she also grows and learns which people also do 🙂

And by the way, Tobias (Four) is pretty darn awesome too 🙂