Every Day – David Levithan

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Every morning A wakes up as a different person. For one day A is that person. And he/she/it has been it all; boy, girl, transgendered, skinny, fat, poor, rich, happy, depressed. Everything.

A is used to it and has developed ways of quickly accessing the current persons name, situation etc. A never gets involved, tries to stay as true to the person whose body it´s inhabiting. Coasts along never really questioning things. When we enter the story A wakes up as Justin, a 16-year old boy who´s kind of a jerk to his girlfriend and takes her for granted. A is instantly drawn to Rhiannon, the girlfriend, and spends a wonderful day with her doing and acting in ways that Justin would not.

When A wakes up the next in a new body he longs to see Rhiannon again and over the next few days and countless new bodies to inhabit A falls in love with Rhiannon. That is not the only first for A. A boy whose body he inhabited for a day is trying to contact him, claiming A is the devil himself.

This is the first book written by David Levithan I´ve read and I was instantly drawn to the premise of it. Such an exciting idea! The ending left me a bit heartbroken though. I do not like sad endings, I like my happily ever afters or at least the promise of a happily ever after. But it was a fitting ending.

I had the insane privilege of seeing David when he was visiting Stockholm. He is absolutely wonderful! Here he is reading from Every Day.

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