Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

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“One upon a time, an angel and devil fell in love. It did not end well.” Very good beginning.

Meet Karou, a blue haired art student in Prague who spends her time with her best friend at their favorite café and filling her sketchbook with drawings of creatures and demons. She also spends her time running strange errands for Brimstone, a stern monster with golden eyes and horns.

As these errands get increasingly frantic sending Karou between magical portals, black market auctions and bazaars in Marrakesh, beautiful winged beings start burning black handprints on doorways all over the world. The reason for the mysterious errands and the black handprints soon become painfully clear.

Enter Akiva, one of the winged creatures and, according to Karou, “the most beautiful thing she had ever seen”. She is immediately drawn to him, and him to her. The reason for this instant connection has to do with their past and a transformation of Karou and we get thrust into another story involving a girl named Madrigal.

True love, Supernatural creatures, Magic, Destiny. Sounds good but I´m having mixed feelings and will probably not be reading the continuation, Days of Blood and Starlight, which will be released in november this year.