Blood Red Road – Moira Young

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Saba has lived all her life in the dried up wasteland of Silverlake where she and her family are constantly ravaged by sandstorms and the punishing sun. Saba´s family is her father, her little sister Emmie and her twin brother Lugh. Her brother means everything to Saba, though twins they look nothing alike, he is blonde and beautiful she is scrawny and dark. As long as the two of them are together, everything is alright.

One day a sandstorm sweeps across their home bringing with it four horsemen who kidnap Lugh. Seeing no other alternative Saba sets off on the quest to rescue her brother. On the way she meets, and reluctantly befriends, a gang of girl revolutionaries called Free Hawks and a daredevil named Jack.

Though slow in the beginning the story picks up pace and I was literally tearing through the pages! The world is interesting and well drawn, the author gives us hints as to where and when it might be without revealing too much. Many words were purposefully misspelled which bothered me a bit in the beginning but after a while I got used to it. It even felt natural, and completely possible, the way the words had morphed and evolved.

Now Saba. She isn´t a very likeable girl at least not in a good portion of the book. In fact she´s pretty angry and selfish and clearly shows her contempt for her little sister. But she is also brave, extremely determined with crazy survival instincts. In fact, those three treats go for all the women in the story. No damsels in distress as far as the eye can see! Saba gets better as the story goes though and I grew to like her a lot. And there´s Jack of course *sigh*, he´s cheeky and forthright and knows exactly how to push Saba´s buttons and seems to know her instantly. I really enjoyed their interactions.

So all in all an enjoyable read, a few predictable twists in the end but not too bad to spoil my enjoyment of the book.