Rebel Heart by Moira Young

This is the second book in the Dust Lands series by Moira Young. Now, I really liked the first book. It was exciting, had a heart and believable characters. The main one, Saba, was not always the most likeable girl that made her all the more believable.

Rebel Heart starts off with Jack. He and Saba have parted ways and he is on his way to the tavern “The Lost Cause”, and is set to join Saba out west later on. Saba herself isn´t fairing too well and seems to be falling apart. Whether it´s missing Jack, guilt over lives lost, friction between her and her brother Lugh, being stuck in a desert like environment, or a combination of all three is not quite clear. So clearly this isn´t the same Saba we know from Blood Red Road. I´m not saying that it wasn´t realistic for her to be influenced by all that has happened to her but I feel like the author let it go too far. Moaning and being depressed a lot more, the “red hot” and fire and determination was gone for many parts of the book.

After receiving what she believes to be a message from Jack Saba sets off for The Lost Cause to reunite with him. The clock is ticking and several obstacles are in the way before she reaches her destination. Things don´t quite go as planned however and what happens next almost had me shouting curse words at my book. It was a very interesting twist but SPOILER ALERT:  if this turns out to be a love triangle I might just have to hurt someone. It probably will but hopefully Moira Young will handle it well.

From what I´ve written it may sound like I didn´t like the book which isn´t the case. It was, ok. Not quite as good as the first book in the series but the last chapter was really quite beautiful and I have hopes for the next book!