The Taker – Alma Katsu


The story opens in present day Maine in the sleepy town of St. Andrew. Recently divorced and living a dull, unfulfilled life Dr Luke Findley is on yet another tedious shift at the hospital. It becomes anything but however when the police come in with a young woman named Lanore who admitted to stabbing a man to death. As Luke tends to her cuts and scrapes she starts to tell him her story.

We find out that Lanore was born 200 years ago. She tells of how she was forced to leave the small town of St. Andrew for Boston and how she became an immortal. But above all it is about her love for Jonathan, her childhood friend. Jonathan is overwhelmingly handsome and charming and his family owns the town. Lanore pines for him throughout it all, even when in Boston, she cannot forget him and the belief that they are meant for each other. Throughout the books we move back and forth between the 1800s to the present day where Lanore keeps telling Luke her history while they drive away from St. Andrew. Finally coming to the end and how she ended up in the woods of St. Andrew with blood on her clothes.

It´s a book about love and immortality in a historical novel. With some magic and alchemy thrown in. The book has by some been compared to The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I will let you decide for yourself 🙂