The Forest of Hands and Teeth – Carrie Ryan


It´s been seven generations since the virus struck, destroyingsociety as we know it. The undead took over and now pace back and forth in the forest, their groans after human flesh background noise, which all have become accustomed to.

Mary lives in a compound surrounded by forest, surrounded bydeath. In her life and in the small community she lives in, there are some simple truths: the sisterhood always knows best, theguards will protect you, the undead will never give up and all members of society must do their duty to make life go on.

But Mary dreams of the sea, she dreams of a world outside the fence, beyond the forest. She dreams of a world where she isn´tconstantly surrounded by death. And when the day comes whenthe undead make a hole through the fence and invade the village of Mary has no choice but to venture into the unknown.