Pandemonium – Lauren Oliver


Warning: this review contains spoilers for Delirium. If you haven´t read it go do so now.

I finished this a few days ago but haven´t been able to write a review. My emotions after having read the last page were all over the place and I paced around frantically. In short, I was a mess. All because of that effing last page. First let me say that Lauren Oliver has an undeniable gift for words. From the opening words I can feel, hear and sense everything written her words are, in short poetry and it´s a joy to read.

Pandemonium jumps between two timelines, beginning with when Lena is running through the wilds having just escaped without Alex and later (the NOW) when she is in New York as part of the resistance. I´m not always a fan of switching between timelines but this time it definitely works and it was a brilliant way of showing how Lena herself grows and becomes a strong self sufficient young woman.  Pandemonium introduces a wider range of characters a large part of these are those in the wilds and part of the resistance though difficult in the beginning Lena comes to feel at home in the wilds. We also meet two important members of DFA (Deliria Free America) an organization devoted to the cure and who´s leader, Thomas Fineman is pushing for a lowering of the age for when the cure is administered. Thomas has a son named Julian who although not cured yet is looking forward to it just like Lena once was. I won´t reveal how but Lena and Julian end up captured together. And Lauren Oliver once again describes masterfully the war raging inside Julian as he and Lena become closer.

The last few chapters is an action packed roller coaster of a ride which I won´t spoil for you. Suffice to say the ending had me shocked. And, to be perfectly honest, pissed off. I gave this book four stars over at Goodreads. It would´ve been a five if it hadn´t been for that ending and my fears for what the next book, Requiem, holds in store for us. My only hope is that Lauren, and Lena, won´t disappoint.

I had the EXTREME pleasure of meeting Lauren Oliver at the Spring Into the Future event at Books of Wonder in New York in April 2012. She signed several books for me and here is Pandemonium 🙂