Immortal beloved – Cate Tiernan


I loved this book. Loved, loved, loved.

It´s a book about immortals, especially about the immortal Nastasya. She is 400-something years old and despite her age has no clue as to what she wants, who she is or where she´s headed. She´s spent the last few hundred years partying, drinking and not caring about anything or anyone.
During one of her usual nights out she witnesses one of her best friends, Incy, torture a mortal. Sickened by the act, and her own inaction, Nastasya runs away. She goes to River´s edge a retreat slash rehab slash school for immortals looking for change in their lives. The place is run by a very (very) old immortal named River.
One of the best things about this book is Nastasya herself. She´s a heroine with “an attitude”, prickly and sarcastic and damaged but also funny and completely loveable. Her inner monologues often had me laughing out loud while her pain and bitterness made me want to give her a hug.
At River´s Edge there are a few other immortals but we only get to know a few of them. Besides River, the “leader” there is Reyn. A mysterious, extremely good looking immortal whom Nastasya from the start has a lust/hate relationship to. Their relationship is so much more complicated than that though and I won´t ruin it for you. Just go read it! And then you read the continuation, Darkness Falls.