Halfway to the Grave – Jeaniene Frost


Catherine Crawfield spends her free time killing vampires. Half vampire herself, she does to avenge the rape of her mother by a vampire. The rape that left her mother pregnant with her. Out on one of her nightly hunts at some seedy bar she is captured by Bones, a vampire bounty hunter (who reminded me a little of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Learning that Cat is half vampire he proposes a deal. He promises to help her find her vampire father (so she can kill him) if she helps him kill bad vampires.

As the two of them train and start their hunting Cat is surprised to find that Bones actually is a nice guy, and here she thought all vampires were asshole killers. And (of course) their feelings for each other slowly deepen. A problem with that is her mother. Cat got her hate of vampires from her mother so she´s understandably reluctant to bring home her new boyfriend.The two of them start hunting down bad vampires who and a bigger pictures begins to unravel and we learn that we´re dealing with more than just a few bad vamps.

There are two things however that annoyed with this book: 1) what happened to them finding her father? That storyline wasn´t mentioned after those first few chapters. I suppose it might come again in the next book but I wondered about it. And 2) The ending didn´t satisfy me at all. Not that I didn´t understand her reasoning but is was frustrating. But all in all it was an ok read, there´s paranormal romance and a mystery which is often ok in my book.