Forgotten – Cat Patrick


Every night at around 4 in the morning, when London is sound asleep, her memory resets. Everything that has happened the previous day vanishes from her memory. Things she´s said, people she´s met, what she did – everything. What she does remember however are things that haven´t happened yet. She remembers the future in flashes. When she has a fight with her best friend she “remembers” them making up in the future. She knows she´ll be travelling to New York when she´s a grown up, remembers going to college and so on. At 16 she has devised a good system for getting through it. At the end of each day she writes down the events of the day and stuff that she needs to remember. Everything she doesn´t write down disappears.

Reading the premise I was intrigued! After having it however I find myself ambivalent. Perhaps it´s because there´s a lot going on; meeting (and then meeting again) a cute boy whom she grows to love but can´t remember, terrifying visions, an absent father, and fighting with her best friend. All this in 277 pages. It wasn´t bad at all, it just wasn´t that great. It was an ok debut. Cat Patrick is a good writer and undoubtedly has interesting ideas. Here´s hoping her second book, Revived, coming out in May is executed better.