What I read in april

Scarlett Epstein hates it here by Anna Breslaw I loved this book so much! Smart, funny, feminist as fuck and with wonderful characters. Not only Scarlett although she is my favorite and I… Continue reading

An open letter to Richelle Mead

Hi Richelle! You don´t know who I am, to you I´m just one of the many nameless, faceless readers of your book. We will never  meet or speak to each other. You will… Continue reading

What I read in march

COMPLICIT BY STEPHANIE KUEHN Two years ago Jamies sister was sent to juvenile detention for burning up a neighbours horse barn, nobody knew why she did it but then again nobody knew why… Continue reading

Good books, bad covers

I love the book East of Eden by John Steinbeck. The first time I read it I was in the middle of nowhere in the French country side. It was just me, the… Continue reading

Authors with cats. Because why not.

  I like authors (they supply me with books) and I like cats (they supply the cute). So here are pictures of authors & cats. Doris Lessing   Allen Ginsburg   Ray Bradbury… Continue reading

I present my house goddesses

This was meant to be a list of authors I want new books from. Authors whose books I buy without question or camp outside the bookstore for midnight release (if I did that… Continue reading

What I read in february

The bollywood bride by Sonali Dev So many people have been raving about this book so I was thrilled when it was included in BookRiots Best of 2015 box that I bought. I´m… Continue reading

In response to “Rape disguised in romance”

Earlier today Black Nerd Girls posted an article on their site called “Rape Disguised as Romance: A Romance Reader´s Opinion“. I had some thoughts that I needed to write down. You should read… Continue reading

What I read in january

Sustained by Emma Chase Continuing my exploration of romance/erotica I picked up Sustained by Emma Chase. I had first heard about it from the Get Booked podcast and it didn´t disappoint. I will… Continue reading

Adaptations I want made (but only in good hands of course)

Adaptations of books are hot right now (always?). Several YA books have become boxoffice hits and later this year The girl on the train hits the theatres. Here are some books that, in… Continue reading